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For more than 6 years in a row we have been making a big city picnic, where we get together delicious street food and quality outdoor entertainment. Our festival has everything and even more: top street food vendors, cozy bar locations, live music, designer market, culinary master classes, themed lecture hall, beauty corner, as well as locations for outdoor activities and a large children’s playground. We show that you can have an unforgettable picnic with your family, friends and loved ones right in the center of your city.
VULITSA EZHA is no longer just a festival, but the largest gastronomic community in Belarus. The best street food projects and top chefs gather here, and guests learn about local gastronomic trends.
We came up with the city picnic to share with you what we love: delicious food and new experiences. Quality products, unusual combinations and fast serving is the reality we want to show our guests here and now.
VULITSA EZHA brings together different people. Those who promote urban culture, good music and quality food. At our festival new chefs were able to express themselves, and renowned ones could go beyond their food and drink venues.
We love Minsk and want to make it more interesting and lively. Now you do not need to leave the city to fill up with energy and have a great rest: you can just gather for our picnic with your loved ones and spend time carefree.
We carefully consider the VULITSA EZHA activities so that our guests can find their own unique format of entertainment: try different dishes at the food court, visit the designer market, gain new culinary knowledge and enjoy modern music.
We talk about new gastronomic projects and promote the culture of street food, and the dishes of our participants become popular gastronomic trends. We create a place where you can relax, taste and learn new things. It is easy to find like-minded people and share experiences here.
Thanks to VULITSA EZHA, you can experience different cuisines, taste unique dishes (from a juicy burger to mouth-watering falafel) and develop your gastronomic horizons in one place in just one weekend.
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